Takeover Day

On Wednesday the Toucan class had 2 new teachers. Year 6 took over the school and 2 pupils taught us for the day. They taught us Maths using the iPads, reading using texts about birds and also we started a leaflet in writing about our trip to London.

It was a great day and we are looking forward to taking over the school next year!


Year 5 had a fantastic time in London last week. They travelled on the underground, visited Buckingham Palace, went on the London Eye, sailed on the River Thames and visited the Houses of Parliament …all in one day …phew!

Setting Descriptions

We have been learning about narratives in our English lessons. We have explored the story of Alma and are now preparing our own adventure stories. Today we went outside to explore a familiar setting; the playground. We recored what we could see, hear, feel and smell in groups and we also explored the verbs and adverbs which could be imagined as our characters travelled in the playground.

Multiplication Races

This morning during SUMS time, the Toucans enjoyed multiplication races. They lined up along the side of the pitch, Mrs Latham shouted a multiple then the children travelled across shouting the multiples to reach the other side as quickly as possible.

The children could travel in any way that they wished. Some children ran, others skipped, some hopped and others strode.

Outdoor Learning Day

Today is Outdoor Learning Day. We used the space outside to explore the characters from our class novel in more detail. First, we worked in groups to take on the role of Michael. We created an outline and then considered his thoughts, feelings, actions and future hopes and recorded them inside and around it.

We then each took on the role of Michael, Mum or Dad and spoke about how each character was feeling at this stage in the story.

This is the Place

This week we have studied the poem ‘This is the Place’ and then worked as a class to create a group performance. We discussed how we can control the speed, rhythm and engage the listener by changing the way that certain words or lines were read.

We worked in groups then as a team to create our performance.

Poetry Features

We have moved onto performance poetry in English and have spent a lot of time this week reading and exploring different poems and comparing their features. We have also listened to poetry performances and had a go ourselves, in groups, selecting a poem to perform and presenting it in our chosen way.

We have particular enjoyed the poem ‘This is the place’ by Tony Walsh. It is about Manchester.