French Day!

Yesterday was French Day, where we celebrated all that is great about France through a range of subjects.

In Geography, we learnt about the different regions of France, whilst in History we learnt about the French Revolution in detail. In the afternoon, We learnt how to play French cricket and perform a traditional French dance, built famous French landmarks using cocktail sticks and midget gems and even tasted some French food! It was a great day!

More Health and Fitness Fun

We had a busy day yesterday full of more fitness activities and learning about our health.

We started off the day by playing Tri-Golf, during this time we learned how to ‘chip’ and ‘put’.

We then did some Yoga as a class as part of mindfulness and looking after our mental health.

We learnt about Women In Sport, creating presentations in partners about our chosen athlete and sharing information about their diet, training and achievements.

We then ended our fantastic day by playing Jag Tag. We were lucky enough to have some visitors in school to teach us some skills which link to American Football.

Takeover Day!

As part of Takeover Day, the Y6 children took over the roles of staff in different areas of the school. In Doves Class, we were extremely lucky to have two new teachers and a new teaching assistant! Throughout the day they had prepared lots of fun learning such as: role play, hot seating, battleships looking at co-ordinates and writing stories. It was a great day and we have 3 potential teachers in the making!


WOW! On Friday Year 5 had the amazing opportunity of visiting London for the day. It was a jam-packed day where we had the chance to see lots of famous attractions in Liverpool such as: Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, bridges along the River Thames Cruise and even a tour of the House of Parliament (we even got to see the House of Lords and The House Of Commons). We learnt so much about our wonderful city throughout the day and the children (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Young Enterprise Day

In Maths, we worked on problem solving based on the items we would need for our workshop. We looked at how much it would cost for different structures with a different number of resources.

In writing, we created persuasive posters in groups to entice parents and children to take part in our structural challenge.

Then, in the afternoon we used straws and cello tape to create a dome. In this activity the straws were used as members which is a framework made of straight, rigid pieces – it was challenging!