Green Screen

We have had lots of fun today! We made our own props and then performed our calligrams in front of the green screen. We look like we are in Egypt! Well done to all the children who performed their poems with confidence and articulation

Escape rooms

We have had a treat this morning! We had a visit from Escape Rooms. Each group were given a box that was filled with padlocked sections, each section held a clue to open the next section. We had to solve lots of Egyptian based Maths problems. We worked hard as a team and everyone was able to escape!

Post it note game

We have been playing a game today using post it notes. We wrote all the different features of a biography on the post it’s then we had to describe their job to our partner. If our partner guessed the feature correctly they won the post it. It was lots of fun and develops our vocabulary knowledge.

Fronted adverbials

We have been learning about fronted adverbials for time and place this week. We worked with a partner to write down fronted adverbials we could use about J.K. Rowling. Then we sorted them into the correct criteria. We also had to share how we could use them in a sentence.