This morning we have been looking at sportsmanship and working together as a team, we had some really good discussion in class. We then worked together as a team to try and lower a hoop, keeping it at the same level, the whole way down (easier said than done). We did start off with a few arguments, but towards the end demonstrated some great teamwork, using good communication!


This afternoon, the children had the fantastic opportunity to meet Olympic Silver Medal Boxing Winner, Natasha Jonas! She came into the school to tell children her story and how, with great determination, she made it to representing her country in the London 2012 Olympics. The children took part in some quick reaction games and had a go at boxing themselves, learning the correct stance and jabs that are used in boxing.

States of matter

We completed a science experiment, we placed a balloon on top of a plastic bottle filled with vinegar, the balloon had bicarbonate of soda in. We experimented to see what would happen to the balloon when it was combined. As you can see, it created a chemical reaction which created a gas, causing the balloon to blow.