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P.E Rationing – food dash

During P.E today the children were split into teams. They were sent back in time to 1940 when food rationing was introduced in WW2. The children had to do a food dash and collect as much food as they could. The children selected a team captain and discussed their strategy to get the most points before setting off. Each item was worth a different amount of points. Each team had to count up their points and items at the end to announce the winners.

Art- Printing

During Art today the children created their own shapes from card board and experimented with printing onto paper. The artist we have studied John Piper, who created lino print landscape and architectural paintings during WW2, was used as inspiration as well as a photograph.


Exploring Diaries

Together we looked at a diary written at the end of World War 1. We explored the vocabulary, the features, we inferred what information we could take from the diary and we also considered questions which we could ask the person who wrote it.

Great discussions by the Woodpeckers today!