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Battle Cry

Our new topic for English this week is about presenting a ‘Battle Cry’. Today we listened to a battle cry, read it as a script then we explored how a battle cry is written and the reasons why certain features are needed.

We are looking forward to writing our own battle cry and presenting it in front of the green screen next week.

Chinese New Year

In the Woodpecker class this week, we have found out more about the Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated.

We discovered that red is used as the main colour of celebration because Nian the dragon, who used to destroy the crops, was chased away by the colour red.

Home Achievements

Wow! The Woodpecker class have been very busy at home earning a wide range of achievements for dancing, swimming, gymnastics and other sports and hobbies.

The children shared their home achievements with the class and we enjoyed listening to the children present their awards.

The Storm

We have started our new unit in English which is poetry. To start with we have listened to and read ‘The storm’ which is a descriptive poem about the weather. In groups we annotated the features and magpied the key language. We really enjoyed this poem.

Identifying Multiples

This morning the Woodpeckers have been busy identifying the multiples of 11 and 12, exploring patterns and using visual resources to make up the multiples in groups. Some children developed their learning further by multiplying the multiples by 10 or 100 therefore creating answers with 4 or 5 digits.

Topic- Design and create an air raid shelter.

The children learnt facts about air raid shelters including what they were made from and where they were built. The children then designed their shelters considering the structure and materials they would use to protect a lego family from wind, water and cold.


The children began making their air raid shelters.

We then discussed challenges they faced when making them and what they would change next time to improve them.