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Muscle Mania!

Swallows have been investigating whether people who use their muscles regularly are able to exercise for longer periods. We set up our task so that each team member had a role to play and each of the children were able to challenge themselves to beat their target!

The children had to perform swap jumps for 1 minute. We were presented with some really interesting data and discovered some hurdlers in the making! Jess Ennis-Hill would be proud!

Swallows On A Voyage…

Swallows enjoyed a fabulous trip to St. John The Evangelist’s Church today and were overawed with what they saw. Once they arrived, the children were set off to find as many objects as they could that relate to their previous learning. We searched for the church for features such as the Altar, Pulpit and the class’ favourite, the Organ.

Some of us even experimented with playing a Psalm or two!

Conjunction Conundrum

Swallows have been working really hard today to up-level their writing by adding time conjunctions to sentences, all with a World War 2 theme!




They split off into pairs to create tables (drawing these directly onto their table tops!) using a list of conjunctions, then up-leveled these using some of their own ideas with knowledge and facts from life in Britain between 1939 – 45.

Fabulous learning!

Homework Heroes!

Well done to all our homework heroes who have managed some fantastic efforts with their World War II designs. There have been some great examples of fighter planes, propaganda posters, Morse-code messages and even a full suitcase for an evacuee child, complete with gas mask! Keep up the great effort Swallows!

The Human Skeleton!

Swallows spent part of their afternoon in the sunshine (hopefully not the last we will see!) completing their Science study of the human skeletal system. We studied the three main functions of the skeleton and then the children showed what they knew already about the bones in an adult body. We learned that the three main functions are movement, support or shape and protection. They certainly had an enjoyable experience!



World War 2 Art

Swallows took inspiration from their chosen artist this week to create some freeze frames. They used the outdoor space to replicate the fields of northern France and show their interpretations of the stimulus ‘War’. John Piper is our chosen artist for this half term and the children’s poses evoked scenes of togetherness and sorrow.


School Councillors

Swallows took to the stage to perform as part of a vote to represent their year group on the School Council. The children who chose to write a speech, presented their arguments really well to the audience with clear and loud voices. There were some fantastic points raised about explaining strengths AND weaknesses, young politicians in the making!


The Day the Crayons Returned!

This morning, Swallows Class and Eagles Class enjoyed exchanging their persuasive letters with each other. There was some great expression used when children were reading aloud and some very convincing arguments were made for the crayons to return! The Year 6’s were really impressed with some of our children’s letters and the Y3’s enjoyed performing them.