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Distinguished Digestion…

Swallows showed some outstanding learning and teamwork this afternoon in Science. The children brought to life the human digestion system using a pair of tights and some mushed up crackers with bananas! Its was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the various organs that play a part in the processing of food and the children really got ‘stuck in’ to the messy bits too! Excellent collaborative working Swallows, even when tidying up afterwards!


Mosaic Madness…

Swallows spent the afternoon Art lesson creating and constructing their preliminary patterns and borders for their Mosaic construction. We used stamps and 2D tesserae to construct a basis of research for when it comes to our final design.


Some of the patterns were really unique and extremely authentic looking. Well done Swallows!

Splendorous Shapes

Swallows spent their morning in Maths identifying then modelling 3D shapes using Play Doh. The children used some tricky vocabulary to identify the faces, edges and vertices of a given shape then used their own model to see if they were correct. Excellent problem solving Swallows, keep it up!


Homework Heroes!

Congratulations to this Swallow for her amazing research and interpretation of a Julius Caesar fact-file presented from ‘beyond the grave’. Excellent dedication to her learning and the first of many to come it sounds like. Keep up the great work Swallows – excellent learning!


Timeline Trivia!

Swallows spent the afternoon researching timelines and important dates form our History learning so far at The Gates. The children focused on previous learning from throughout school then adding these important periods to our own timelines in order of the events that occurred. We also had some help from Mr Simpson who assisted with some tricky Maths involving the abbreviations BC, AD and CE. Superb team-working Swallows and some great mastery with these tricky concepts!


Swallows Composing…

Swallows have been composing their own WW2 songs this week. A few weeks worth of work with Mrs Wardle and Mrs Williams, the children have really gone above and beyond to create some wonderful songs and lyrics using instruments. Their knowledge of this topic has shone through and the lyrics to the songs really showed a deep understanding of the topic. Well done Swallows with some super learning, keep it up!




Linking Schools…

Swallows enjoyed a fabulous day at Bolton College with Blackrod Primary School! The children visited a sporting workshop run by the fabulous staff and students of the college and gained some potential new friends in the process. The children were thrilled to be able to sit and share a fun, energetic environment together and the results were fantastic! The children took part in games such as bench-ball, basketball,  handball, team-building activities and football.


A really enjoyable experience and one that will be memorable for years to come. Very well done with some outstanding manners Year 3!