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Manic Monday – The Church Visit

To top off an amazing morning of winning the Headteacher’s award and some amazing practical learning in English and Maths, we visited St. John’s Wingates Church. We were shown around by the lovely Curate, Kirsty, before the children completed a puzzle based on the key features of a Church to reveal a scrambled Christian Festival.

Manic Monday – The morning


We started Monday morning with the best possible start, winning a Head Teacher’s award. This set the tone for the day as during English we worked hard as a class to identify all of the key vocabulary in diary entries from WWII that indicated the era they were written. We also got creative when summarising what had happened in each entry to show our great understanding of the text.

Homework Heroes

With out topic being well under way, we have had some amazing WWII themed homework being brought in. In this first round we are going to be showing off some of our incredible models! The attention to detail is outstanding!

Super Scientists

After learning some great facts about our skeletons last week, we moved on to labelling as many bones as possible in our body. There was some super research carried out by the children, but it is fair to say the cleaners probably weren’t impressed…


Class Novel

Today we explored our class novel, ‘Time train to the Blitz’, further to see if our initial predictions based on the cover and blurb were accurate. In doing so we also discovered how dramatic Starlings can be with some fabulous whole class reading. We really used the clues in the text well to put some amazing expression in our voices.