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Crochets and Quavers

Our class looked at beats yesterday, observing how long a crochet is and how long a quavers is (not the crisps!). Miss Woodward clapped a pattern and the children repeated it, Robins class were so good they then had a go at making their own, some of them even writing their pattern down to help remember it.


Hot and Cold Colours

This term in art we are looking at hot and cold colours and observing how to create different tones using mixing. Yesterday the children were given a space picture to recreate using both hot and cold colours. We also looked at how to thicken paint and create different textures using PVA glue and sand. I think we have some budding artist within the class.

Performing a recount

In English we have been looking at recounts, in order to help us remember the brilliant sentences that we have come up with we created some actions to go with the story. We were so proud of this that we decided to perform our recount to Owls and Puffins class, in return we were treated a fabulous performance from them.

Dear Father Christmas…

This week we have been looking at performing our writing to an audience. The children used iPads to find pictures and then recorded their voices over the pictures, reading their letter to Father Christmas, to make a video. Miss Woodward was so impressed with how well the children followed instructions in order to make their movie. Well done Robins!