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We have been learning about pitch and exploring high and low sounds made from chime bars, glockenspiels and water bottles. We discovered that the longer the chime bar or the more empty the water bottle the lower the sound and the smaller the chime bar and fuller the water bottle the higher the pitch!


We have been learning about the planets in our solar system. We made the mnemonic…









to help us remember the order.

Then we painted the planets after researching in our non-fiction books and they are being placed in our Space role play area.



In RE, we have been learning about the Hinduism religion. Today we discussed the Aum symbol and how meditation is important to Hindu’s. We put the aum sound on and practised traditional meditation stances. Puffins class were so relaxed afterwards!

Hygiene PSHE


We have done a hand washing experiment this afternoon. We touched bread with hand that have not been washed, hands that have been washed with hand gel and then hands that have been washed with soap. We also washed our hands using the NHS guidelines as a whole class. Then made predictions about what the bread will look like in 2 weeks. We will keep you posted!

In computing, we have started a new topic looking at algorithms and programming. We learnt that algorithms are a precise set of instructions that computers need to be able to program. We practised being robots and instructing our friends to build a model out of Lego. We had lots of fun and learnt that if you don’t give an instruction the program will not work correctly.