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Running Games

Puffins had a great PE lesson this week. We applied the effective running style we have been learning about in a game situation. First we played ‘Domes and Dishes’. We worked in two groups to turn the cones into ‘domes’ or ‘dishes’, the team with the most won. We then played ‘Rob the nest’. We worked in 4 teams and had to collect as many things as we could from the nest in the middle. Some brilliant team work, well done!


Victorian Time Machine!


This is afternoon we went into a time machine to another classroom from the past. We became Victorian children and we did some lessons using chalk and a pretend slate. One of our children even tried on a dunce hat too! We then made comparisons between the past and present classrooms.

Ordinal Numbers


We have been learning about ordinal numbers and applied this in various races. We did a boat race, running race and Paw Patrol vehicle race. We are applying this new learning in word problems tomorrow. How many ordinal numbers can you remember? 1st, 2nd…