French Day

We have had a brilliant French Day. We learnt how to say hello and goodbye. We also learnt how to say “my name is…”. We had sung head, shoulders knees and toes in French and made our own French flags. Finally we had a very delicious French themed snack!

Fruit skewers

As part of health and fitness week we have been talking about the type of food we should eat as part of a healthy balanced diet.

We have been enjoying healthy snacks this week and today made our own fruit skewers. They children showed good control chopping the fruit and then threading onto skewers! Delicious!

Sports Day

EYFS had a brilliant Sports Day this morning! They all worked really hard and tried their best at each and every race.  They also showed really good sportsmanship by cheering on their friends and congratulating those who won.

Well done Penguins.


What a fab first day of health and fitness week. This morning we went out in groups to play Boccia. We worked really hard to practise our aiming skills. Well done Penguins.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s activities.