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Modelling the Solar System

Today in Science, we created a scale model of the Solar System. We began by recapping our knowledge of the planets from the previous week including their distances and sizes, before choosing which fruit represented the planet and comparing it with our peers.

Following on from this, we then worked in groups to work out a scale model – applying our mathematical knowledge.

Once we had accumulated all of the information, we began to create a scale model of the solar system demonstrating the distances.

Planets in our Solar System

In science, we conducted some research into all the planets using a range of sources off the internet and through a range of non-fiction books. We also learned about the background information as to why Pluto was declassified and demoted to a dwarf planet.

Here are some of the interesting facts we learnt today:

– Jupiter has poisonous clouds with drops of acid that would burn your skin.
– Mars has the largest volcano in the Solar System (three times as high as Mount Everest)                         – Venus is the hottest planet despite Mercury being the closest to the Sun.                                                        – Neptune is sometimes further away from the Sun than Pluto

River and RE walk

Our river walk didn’t exactly go to plan today! We saw lots of water but unfortunately not in the river. As we set off, we were greeted by torrential rain which led to us seeking shelter in the playground pavilions. A group decision was made between us all that we would at least try and see some places of worship in Westhoughton but that a trip to the river was not a sensible idea. The children coped brilliantly with this disappointment and we were happy to to be able to show them Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church and St Bartholomew’s church.

Mr Griffiths also pointed out the memorial to the 344 men and boys who lost their lives in the 1910 Pretoria Pit disaster and the children were also delighted to see a wreath from The Gates alongside many others at the war memorial. Whilst it didn’t go exactly to plan, the children had a nice afternoon and we finished the day making Christmas decorations for the children to take home and hang on their trees.


Properties of materials

Kingfisher class spent the afternoon researching the properties of a range of different materials. We tested for magnetism, flexibility, permeability, transparency and hardness. The children worked brilliantly together in teams of two and conducted the activity safely and sensibly. We finished the lesson with a really interesting discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of glass bottles versus plastic bottles. We agreed in the end that if a drink comes in a glass bottle it might look more appealing, but is likely to cost us more money that it would have done in a plastic bottle!


Computing – Digital Literacy

Kingfisher class are really enjoying their computing unit about digital literacy. The children have been set a challenge to create an information leaflet for Year 4 children about how to stay safe online. They have conducted research into the SMART rules of internet safety, taken quizzes about staying safe online and practised their typing skills through the Purple Mash online platform. Over the next couple of weeks they will use their word processing skills to create the information leaflet on the computers in the ICT suite before writing a blog post all about their work.


Topic Homework

Kingfisher class have already produced some stunning pieces of topic homework for this term. As the school target this week is based on taking pride in your own work and the work of others, we spent the first part of our morning hearing all about the work that has already been undertaken. All the children who have brought homework in already spoke confidently to the rest of the class about their projects whilst their peers listened attentively and with good grace. Everyone was proud of the work they had undertaken and were wholeheartedly congratulated by their peers. I am sure the children that spoke this morning have inspired their classmates to produce some equally brilliant work over the remaining 4.5 weeks of term.


Poppy Making

Kingfisher class spent the first 15 minutes of our day making poppies, which we will place in the Chinese Garden on Remembrance Day. We have discussed the significance of this special day in class and are looking forward to paying our own respects at our special Remembrance Day assembly on Monday. The class listened and contributed sensitively and sensibly during our discussion and this is an absolute credit to them.