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Titanic PE

This afternoon, Year 6 continued with their problem based learning in PE and made a giant Art Attack of the Titanic using only their bodies. Team leaders made decisions and organised the other children with no help from an adult! One or two of the children did a little too good of a Mr Simpson impersonation at times!

Titanic Museum!

Eagles enjoyed a great day at the Titanic Museum today! Children were able to build on their already impressive knowledge and left museum staff very impressed! The children really enjoyed the workshop and we had a great debate over who we would save from the Titanic – amazingly, Mrs Pal survived!

Passengers of the Titanic

Today, we became the passengers on board the RMS Titanic. We each received a boarding pass with the name of a real life passenger and their class. We watched video clips showing us the the difference between an evening in 1st class compared to 3rd class whilst learning about their use of facilities and their living conditions.

Through the use of drama and role play we experienced the different attitudes between classes, learning that the needs of the 1st class were always catered for.


Features of the Titanic

This afternoon, we looked at the features of the Titanic. We discussed the building of the Titanic, where we learnt that The Titanic was the largest man made object to enter the sea and 15,000 people worked to build the Titanic!

We then delved deeper into the different types of rooms, looking at the differences between 1st, 2nd and 3rd class passengers. Based on our knowledge of this, we created rooms in a shoe box to demonstrate what it might have looked like.


The Day the Crayons Returned!

This morning, Swallows Class and Eagles Class enjoyed exchanging their persuasive letters with each other. There was some great expression used when children were reading aloud and some very convincing arguments were made for the crayons to return! The Year 6’s really enjoyed working with the Year 3’s and were even able to support with some editing.