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Modelling the Solar System

Today in Science, we created a scale model of the Solar System. We began by recapping our knowledge of the planets from the previous week including their distances and sizes, before choosing which fruit represented the planet and comparing it with our peers.

Following on from this, we then worked in groups to work out a scale model – applying our mathematical knowledge.

Once we had accumulated all of the information, we began to create a scale model of the solar system demonstrating the distances.

Persuasive Letter

Over the past two weeks the children have been working hard learning how to write a persuasive letter.  Throughout the two weeks, they have gained an understanding of the features and worked on developing their skills which could later be embedded.

Today, after a lesson on editing yesterday, they wrote up their final drafts!

Understanding how to write a simple program

In Computing, we began by discussing the difference between an algorithm and a program.

We discussed how an algorithm is a sequence of instructions (forward, left, forward) needed to complete a task whereas a program is precise instructions needed to complete an algorithm (forward 10, turn left 90 degrees)

During the lesson, we split into two groups. One group worked with myself looking at programming the beet it. We discussed the use of the buttons and the importance of clearing previous instructions as the bee bot retains these. We verbalised the program before  inputting them.

Whilst some of us were working with the Beebots, the rest of the children were inputting programs on Purple Mash.

Planets in our Solar System

In science, we conducted some research into all the planets using a range of sources off the internet and through a range of non-fiction books. We also learned about the background information as to why Pluto was declassified and demoted to a dwarf planet.

Here are some of the interesting facts we learnt today:

– Jupiter has poisonous clouds with drops of acid that would burn your skin.
– Mars has the largest volcano in the Solar System (three times as high as Mount Everest)                         – Venus is the hottest planet despite Mercury being the closest to the Sun.                                                        – Neptune is sometimes further away from the Sun than Pluto.


Today in Computing we looked at algorithms (a sequence of instructions or rules that are followed to complete a task).

Firstly, we went outside as ‘Human Robots’, our task was to follow the algorithms presented in the correct way e.g. Forward 5. We discussed what would happen if the algorithms are not presented in the correct manner.

Following on from this, we applied our understanding of algorithms in a computational manner on Purple Mash.