Blogging Information

Blogging Information

Class blogs are used to extend what pupils’ are learning beyond the classroom and to further enhance the provision. Class teachers will showcase learning both in and out of school on class blogs and will be a platform for discussing learning. We also hope to extend this to learning collaboratively with other people, other schools and the wider community.

An exciting feature of the blogging site is that it is accessible to the wider world, so we have the ability to connect to people from a wide range of backgrounds. However, no comments or posts will appear until they have been approved by a member of staff who can approve posts.

We encourage pupils to use their writing skills as they would in their independent writing. Please do not write in abbreviations or add terms such as ‘lol’. It is always a good idea to check any contributions made for missing words, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors etc. It is great if an adult is able to assist with this, as this will help to improve the quality of written work published.

The site is not intended as a chat room, so comments should focus on the topic being discussed.
We will only use photos of pupils, if their parents have given us permission to do so.
We realise that not all pupils have Internet access at home and we encourage all pupils to be involved in blogging during some curricular time, at homework club and by accessing their local library.

How does a child access the blog?
When a child logs on they see their dashboard.
Their username is at the top right hand side – it might say “Howdy, 1282011GB or it might say “Howdy Grace” if they have changed how their name is displayed publicly.
They then click on the class name at the top and select “visit site”, or click on “My sites” which gives a drop down menu and they can select from all classes and the main Gates blog.
Happy blogging!